September Shoes

What girl doesn't love her shoes? I certainly fall under that stereotype. I try to limit myself to one pair of shoes a month, although sometimes it's over or under. With fall coming up I was realizing I need some more flats, but especially some that I could wear at work where I'm on my feet and running around for anywhere from 6-10 hours at a time. My mind went straight to Toms. They're products are those that you feel good buying because it's not only good quality but for every pair of shoes purchased they donate one to a child in need which takes away any buyers remorse. One thing to note, these shoes do run a bit narrow but give it time and they will break in. I have another pairs or mini boots from Toms and they are incredibly comfortable, even with a wedge I can walk in them for a long time before feeling foot exhaustion. I highly recommend checking them out, they have all sorts of great styles and stay tuned for next month's shoe. I'm on the hunt now for a perect pait of tall flat boots that can with stand the rainy season. 

Red Plaid Toms Style by LT