Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Drinking Game

Make your Tuesday guilty pleasure a little more pleasurable by calling over your best girls and gays to watch Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Enjoy the watching the posh and lavish lifestyle of the housewives with a cocktail in hand and this drinking game. Pour yourself a tall drink or a glass of wine to throw in someones face and let’s go from classy, to sassy, to trashy!

Pumptini, RHOBH Drinking Game

Try The Pumptini! - Lisa Vanderpump's newest restaurant and gay bar's signature cocktail made with 2 parts Vanderpump vodka, 1 part Pavan, fresh grapefruit and lime juice. 

Take a sip of your drink each time one of these happens!

  • Lisa Vanderpump...
    • calls someone darling.
    • is holding Giggy.
    • cracks a joke about not having (or wanting to) sex with her hubby, Ken. 
  • Kyle Richards
    • cries.
      • does the splits.
      • get into a fight with Kim or other family member. 
  • Yolanda Foster...
    • says, "my love!"
    • talks about living healthy or her sickness. 
  • Lisa Rinna...
    • makes a joke about herself.
    • laughs at a joke about herself.
    • calls her husband by his first name. 
  • Eileen Davis...
    • steers clear of any drama.
    • does a soap opera reenactment.
  • Erica 
  • The Ladies...
    • talk about sex.
    • make a scene at an event or party. 
    • mention shopping / spending.
    • mention getting plastic / cosmetic surgery.