American Horror Story: Freak Show Drinking Game

American Horror Story also know as AHS. I have watched this show from the very start. Each season it's a different theme, but this season they did overlap some of the characters from previous seasons (and it was awesome). There is no place AHS won’t explore. It is perverse, demented, socially corrupt, controversial, spooky, gorey, and guaranteed to make you cringe. Why would one want to watch such a show you might be asking. To me, it’s because of the brilliance behind the performances of the cast & production team. I am the first to admit that I hate horror movies, but for whatever reason this show will make you cringe in such an elegantly freakish way. It has captivated me from the first episode, and I am sure most would agree it’s largely due to the spectacular performance given by Jessica Lange. She has truly made this show great season after season; with each performance she has you slipping into her reality and forgetting your own. Ryan Murphy, the show’s producer, accredits her as an unknown producer. Not to say she isn’t backed by an amazing supporting cast. But this season’s theme has been personally the most challenging of all of them. Ever since I was small I have had a serious fear of painted faces, clowns in particular. So of course the creepy killer clown missing his jaw was one vision I am still trying to erase from my memories. None the less, this show has me hooked. They do such a good job of pushing past the intrigue and making you feel emotionally attached to the characters despite their disturbing character flaws.

So print this game sheet off, pour yourself a drink, and cozy up to watch Jessica Lange give her last spectacular performance in AHS: Freak Shore. 

American Horror Story Drinking Game