Perfect Grilled Cheese

Get creative with your grilled cheese sandwich and throw on whatever you already have in the fridge. I made mine with sharp cheddar, thinnly sliced tomatoes, and chicken deli meat. The trick to get a perfect golden crisp on your sandwhich is a lot of butter and the right amount of heat. Sounds simple enough right? Well for whatever reason as good as I am in the kitchen it took me a while to master the grilled cheese. 

Start with a couple good sized tablespoons of butter melting in a pan that's over medium heat. Make sure the butter doesn't burn but is totally melted. Build your sandwhich then place it in the pan with the melted butter. Here's my little trick, after placing it in the pan I use my hand to move it around in the butter then flip it over do the same. Now just let it chill and toast up beautiful on both sides. Then enjoy! Voila!