Egg Painting for Easter Entertainment

In honor of the Easter holiday, why not do something with all those leftover egg shells from all the yummy egg entrees everyone will be making? I am not really an egg fan so I gave mine to my pup, Molly, because they are really good for dogs.  haha. I found this pin from Growing A Jeweled Rose, she does a  bunch of fun things for kids if you want some cool ideas; go ahead and check her out!

Egg painting for fun Easter entertainment! Check out Parties by Lt for all of the details!

I thought this was fun even for my 21 year old self or it could be a cheap fun date at home. Enjoy!


Gathering materials to do a little egg painting! Read the rest on Paties by Where you'll find more Easter & party ideas!
  • Empty eggshells (I got a dozen at walmart for $2.00) cheap and simple.
  • Paint (crayola washable paint for $6.00 at walmart)
  • Tissue Paper ( I used toilet paper that I already had)
  • A Glue Stick (I used rubber cement glue that I already had. It’s just the elmers brand)
  • A blank canvas, poster board, a pretty scrapbooking paper or get really creative and you could try burlap (I got a poster board from walmart for 33 cents)
  • Optional: Glitter (had around my house used for various crafts.)

Your first step is obviously emptying your eggshells. Take a butter knife and create a hole in the top. It doesn’t need to be perfect, just big enough for your yoke to slip through. Fail: I got a little excited with the butter knife and poked a tiny hole in the bottom of one of my eggs. whoops! This proved to not be an issue though.


Once you empty all your shells you're going to wash with warm water and a tad bit of soap. Fail: I forgot to use soap when rinsing with warm water but I didn’t notice much of a difference.

Now that you’ve emptied and washed your shells start filling them with paint! I was lucky enough to have a syringe around from when I got my wisdom teeth removed which made filling my eggs much easier. Otherwise just pour your paint in the tops of the shells. Try to buy paint with the easy squirt ability to make this part a breeze. Notice: I was a little messy with getting the paint on the shells, haha. This did not hurt the project any.

Our PInterest girl, Chels, filling her egg with paint to create a beautiful and fun piece of artwork. Check out the final outcome at Parties by
Eggs filled with paint and glitter to create a fun piece of art. Great for Easter!

The glitter is just an optional idea I added to give a little sparkle to all the color. I believe glitter always makes any project better! But, if you would rather just use paint that is just fine. Now, start gluing your toilet paper or tissue paper to close off the top of your shells.

Rip up pieces small enough to cover the holes. Once you finish gluing small pieces of toilet paper/tissue paper, you can let the fun begin!

I set up my little egg toss area on my porch, I perched the poster board on a chair my dog has totally ripped up, so I didn’t care if I got paint on it. Then I took my paint-filled shell and threw with my manly strength! ;)

Fail: This backfired with the first paint-filled shell..The shell ricocheted off the poster board flying back towards both getting Molly and I with paint. hahaha. This is what my dog gets for being my shadow.

Molly, the dog gets hit from egg painting! Read all about the fails & tips of this pin, great for Easter entertainment to bring the family together.

The rest of the paint shells went just fine including with the one that had the hole in the bottom of it. (: The glitter didn’t stick as strong but some still did stick pretty well so I might add more next time. 

The finished project:

Our Pinterest girl, Chels, displaying one of her pin successes looking cute as ever! Read more about her on on Parties by

I love how this one turned out and with my new art I’m going to paste some pictures on to hang on my wall. Another idea if you want to add a little more to your work.

Egg painting messy but fun for everyone! Find more details on Parties by along with tons more great celebration lifetstyle tips!

This project was definitely messy, I wouldn’t suggest wearing your favorite shirt, unless you like a little paint splatter in your life. (not going to lie I kinda do...)

This art piece definitely had it’s fair share of fails, but once again I am more pleased with the outcome then the little fails here and there. Kind of the way life works too, the little fails don’t really mess up the final outcome at all. Happy Easter everyone!