DIY St. Patrick's Day Wreath Dollar Store Challenge!

I decided to try a challenge on Pinterest because you can’t go wrong with a $4 adorable St. Paddy’s Day wreath. I was supposed to find all my materials to make the wreath at the dollar store and this is the result of the challenge. Dollar stores come in different forms, from the familiar chain outlets to mom-n-pop stores to the Japanese Daisos frequently found in international districts.

DIY Dollar Store St. Patties Day Wreath Challenge, Fail or Success?

You were supposed to find all your materials at the dollar store, I failed at this, but it was still very inexpensive.

The supplies:

DIY St. Paddy's Day Wreath Materials
  • 3 packages of clovers that I found at the dollar store. $3
  • St. Paddy’s bow from Joann’s: $1
  • Glue gun: I already own one but if you don’t have one, you can pick one up while you're at the dollar store.  
  • Hard wire wreath frame, also from Joann's : $3

Total Cost: $7

I placed the clovers on the wire wreath and began hot gluing them to the wreath. This was very simple.


DIY St. Paddy's
DIY St. Paddy's Day Wreath - Dollar Store Craft

The next steps were to do a second layer of clovers, then proceed with a third layer. I did a second layer, but I liked the way mine looked with just the two layers. If you do two layers, you only will need two packages from the dollar store.

DIY Dollar Store St. Paddy's Day Wreath

The final step is to tie on your bow!

Now you can hang your finished project where you like. I chose my living room.

I count this as a successful endeavor even though I didn't get all of my products at the dollar store.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!