Let us help you set up a candy bar like this at your next event!

Candy bars are fun, sweet, and let you get creative, for both kids and adults alike! Being one of my specialties Create your own festive station to compliment an Easter brunch or just to decorate your house. Here’s some great tips to build your own festive candy bar.

Step 1: Decide where you want to place your candy bar.

Step 2: Pick a color theme for your candy bar - pastel colors are a must for Easter!

DIY Easter Candy Bar from Parties by Lt

Step 3: Pick out the containers to hold your candy. My two large glass containers were purchased from Michael's and the smaller glass one's were purchased from Dollar tree. Get creative with your containers! You can really use anything, I actually used some candle holders for my candy bar. If you have a drawer make sure to utilize it by pulling it out to use it to also hold candy and other props.

Hire us to help you set up a candy bar like this at your next event!

Step 4: Next pick out your candy. My candy was purchased from Win-co , Walmart and the Dollar Tree. The Dollar Tree has some great themed candy so I was able to find the bunny and carrot shaped candy.

Easter Candy Bar Banner

Step 5: Lastly, put it all together and this is where the fun begins! Try to arrange your candy at different levels (some higher, some lower) to create drama and effect. I included a wooden box to rise up some of my jars to be more visually appealing. Add in props to make it more interesting. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Add labels, banners, bunnies, use whatever you already own, etc. Most of my props were purchased from Michael's (nest, wooden box, moss, and mini frame).

DIY Easter Candy Bar from Parties by Lt