Ever since I was a little girl it was always up there as one of my favorite holiday's next to Halloween. I love everyone coming together, watching football, reminiscing of what everybody is grateful for on a cool fall day while we all partake in one of my favorite activities: eating. So as soon as I could I take over cooking our Thanksgiving feast, I did. 

Beverages - 

Mulled Wine in 



Acorn Squash Soup shooters with crispy pancetta, pomegranate seeds, and a fried shallot ring over the top. 

Easy Cheese Fondue - keep this going on in the background with a 

Recipes i have used in the past: Gougeres cheese puffs with apple topping 


Green Bean Casserole - Alton Brown's recipe - i have put my own spin on it however - after year of trying to - I recommend you making this the night before and baking it off the day of. 

Mashed Potatoes - I make these early the day and store them on low in the crocpot, keep them warm stirring in a little milk/cream and/or butter every now and then to make sure they don't dry out. A few tips: make sure to heavily season the water using salt and add whole garlic cloves,  pour some milk in the water. 

Cranberries - I always keep this really simple, I have tried a few different recipes but none that I have liked as much the jellied canned stuff. So I keep it simple with that and offer it up for anyone else if they have a recipe they might really like to feel free to bring it. 

Stuffing - I never cook the stuffing inside of the turkey because it's not as sanitary although since people have been doing this forever I find that to be a bit of an over exaggeration. My reasoning for not doing this is because I think both the turkey and dressing cook better separate. Having the stuffing inside the bird can often lead to drying it out and then on the other side the stuffing won't get those beautiful crispy edges. 

Yams - Again, this has never been one of my favorites so a few years ago I asked a good friend is she had a good recipe. She did and ever since it's always been her bringing the yams. 


My turkey - brine, with foil covering of the breast and a temp gauge in breast to know when its done. After the first time brining a turkey I decided i would never go back. 


Every year I have two pies I have to make! 

My pumpkin cheesecake which replaces the traditional pumpkin pie

Chocolate crust burbon pecan pie 


Grab some to go box to give guests left overs