Since there are so many things about halloween I adore it was hard to choose just one special thing to blog about. So we get a little bit of everything in my pinspired party. For a lil inspiration and to put all myself as well as my guests in the Halloween spirit  I thought I would first show off the decorations around my house.


Here is my Halloween tree, I kept it very simple but you can definitely go all out. The tree lights up when it is dark and I got little ghost ornaments to hang from it. the tree is from Joanns and the ornaments Michaels Crafts. The tablecloth and runner you see is from Ross. The leaves candle is from Bath and Body Works. Which is such a good smelling candle, I think it smells like cider. The rest of the items on the table are all from good ‘ol Dollar Tree.


This banner is one of my favorite simple decorations that I got from the dollar section at Target. And the sign I got last year, which you can find halloween signs all over the place at all kinds of stores.


I’m kind of a hoarder when it comes to candles. So I have a ton everywhere, don’t mind that. Haha, I believe that you can never have too many candles. The “turkey, pie and football oh my!’ sign is from TJ Maxx. The fake flowers and leaves you see are from Dollar Tree. Those are a favorite as well, I love how they look. And the perfect pumpkin, that is from WalMart. (: I also have orange and purple lights strewn across the house.   (banner from Dollar Tree)


In my home we have started the tradition of doing a pumpkin carving party. Which this year we had 20+ people. We definitely had a full house which was a great time, so the next few photo’s are what I got to prepare for the party.

These are the kits I wanted to try out, I really thought the 360* one was pretty cool! Then I bought paint and brushes from Michaels. Just so there are some decent options.


Then I got my two buckets from Dollar Tree for the pumpkin guts.


And of course you can’t have a party without dessert! So I made orange and yellow cupcakes because I find that color set to be very halloween-ish. All these ingredients I got from my local Albertsons.

I simply followed the directions on the box, only adding 1 cup of sour cream. Which makes it so fluffy and delicious! I also suggest doing this to your pancakes sometime. Delicious. Then when I have all my mix all mixed up I separated them into two different bowls and used the food color gel to make orange in one and yellow in the other.


I liked using the food color gel versus the foot color dye. Just seemed to be a lot more colorful to me but whatever works best for you.. and when you put it in your cupcake pan all you do is a bit yellow first, then a bit of orange for the top layer. I also did orange on the bottom and yellow on the top. Either or works.


And I think my messy cupcakes show they don’t have to be perfect half and half (; they will still come out cute.




And what does it look like when you take a bite? Love them!!!!

Then for a fun addition to the party I made a photobooth. But, this was a mugshot photo booth and it was awesome.

It was super fast and easy to make. All you need is: black marker, black paper, silver or white marker, white poster board.

I measured out to 6 ft, you can do it to whatever you want though. My measurements weren’t exact because I assumed that I knew 5 ft because that is how tall I am. As you can see I am a little under the 5 foot marker. haha.

And on the black paper you can pretty much write whatever you would like, I made up an inmate number and wrote the date along with the title of the pumpkin carving party. And though the measurements weren’t exact people loved it and had a ton of fun with it

And it was another successful pumpkin carving party, here’s to another successful one next year. Happy Halloween!