Spring is here and Easter is just around the corner! Make these flower pinwheels for a beautiful and unique centerpiece during your Easter celebration. They won't go die either so you can leave them up all spring long! The pastel colors evoke the Easter feel and the flower theme ties really well into Spring. Have fun with it and add your own style to them! 

Here's what you will need:

  • Paper - in a variety of flower colors, including green for the stems. 
  • Wooden sticks 
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • 1 inch hole puncher
  • Buttons
  • Moss (real or fake)
  • Container to put moss in 
  • Lace or tulle (optional)
  • Any Easter elements you would like to add in (bunnies, carrots, eggs, flowers, baskets, etc) 

Step 1: Fold the corner of your paper into a small triangle. Note: the bigger the folded triangle, the bigger the pinwheel; the smaller the folded triangle, the smaller the pinwheel. Try to make the size of your pinwheel proportional to the container you will be putting them in. 

Cut out your triangle, then fold in half, unfold completely, and start to cut on the folded lines, leaving about an inch uncut.

Easter Pin Flowers.jpg
Easter Pin Flowers1.jpg

Step 2: You will now start to fold the corner of your cut flaps towards the middle to create your pinwheel. Start by placing a small amount of glue in the middle of your paper and then fold one of the corner flaps to meet it.

Continue to fold the flaps towards the middle all the way around. Add more glue to the middle, then fold and so on until all your flaps are folded in. Do not worry about the glue showing through, it will be covered by the button later on. Note: Do not fold every flap towards the middle, just every other flap. 

Once your pinwheel is complete, add your button by placing some glue down and adding it to the middle. Next take one of your wooden sticks and glue that to the back of your pinwheel. Cut your stick down if you want it to be shorter. I cut about 3 inches off of mine. 

Then take your 1 inch hole puncher and punch out a round circle in the same color paper. Next, glue that to the back of your pinwheel as well to cover up the glue showing from gluing your stick down. Final product! Repeat this process until your have all the pinwheels that you desire. Work with some different colored paper, different textures and just have fun! 

DIY Flower PInwheels - Great for an Easter Centerpiece! #CreationsbyLt

Once you have made all your pinwheels, you can also make some leaves for them to make them look more like flowers. I used an actual leaf to trace and then simply cut that out. If you do not have a leaf simply just draw your own version of a leaf and cut that out. 

Your pinwheels should look like this: 

Step 3: Put your finished pinwheels aside and then prepare your moss. Pick out a container for your real or fake moss. This could be a pot, wooden container or a glass container. I chose a wooden container and I purchased some real moss. I simply put my moss inside the container. You can choose to do this or to actually plant the moss into the container. My moss was actually a little too small for my container, so I added some lace fabric to the sides to fill the empty space. 

Step 4: Now you are ready to place your flower pinwheels into the moss! Try to arrange so that some are higher/shorter than others to be more visually appealing. Then take your Easter elements and add that to your moss to create an Easter scene. I added some little bunnies, candy eggs, and a mini basket. 

You are done! Set on your table for your centerpiece and invite your friends and family over for Easter brunch. Everyone will love the colors and the creative touches you added. You can also allow guests to take a pinwheel home with them as a party favor. Enjoy!