DIY Leprechaun Cottage, great craft for kids of St Patricks Day!

Want to catch a Leprechaun this St. Patricks Day? Then allow your childhood imagination to come out and create this Leprechaun cottage. Brainstorm fun and creative ways to make the cottage a perfect home for a Leprechaun. Kids will love this and will have fun preparing for the arrival of little signing/ dancing Leprechauns. You just may become the luckiest person alive if you can manage to catch one. Keep an eye on them though as they are very mischievous creatures and will do anything to escape!

Here's What You'll Need:

  • Wooden Bird House
  • Paint and Paint Brushes
  • Brown Paper/ 1” Paper Puncher
  • Moss (Optional, but recommended!)
  • Rocks (Optional)
  • Yellow Paper, String and hole puncher (Optional)

Step 1: Cut off your birdhouse string (you can see mine is missing). Then start by 

painting your birdhouse. You can paint the whole house or paint certain parts.

 I chose to paint mine like so with St. Patrick’s Day colors!

I chose to paint mine like so with St. Patrick’s Day colors!

Step 2: Cover the birdhouse holes if you choose with your brown paper and 1” paper puncher. Simply punch out 2 round holes and glue them over the holes.

DIY Leprechaun Cottage Windows

Now that the holes are covered these can be your windows. Paint flowers in windows or a leprechaun. I chose to paint curtains and put some mushrooms in the window.

Step 3: Then add whatever creative touches you would like to your cottage. I painted grass, flowers and added a door. Then I created some string lights with paper and string. 

If you would like to create some string lights you will need your yellow paper, hole puncher and about 10 inches of string. (can be any color but white will look best)

Start by punching out hole in your paper like so:

DIY Leprechaun Home
Leprechaun Home DIY String Lights

Then simply glue your string to your cottage and then glue your lights to the string. Try to spread out the lights evenly. After that place your cottage on some moss if you would like and add a path, trees, chairs, etc.

DIY Leprechaun Home Base
DIY Leprechaun Cottage, great craft for kids!

Now that you have created the perfect home for a Leprechaun just keep an eye out for them! Place in your garden for a more whimsical feeling or place in your house so you can be ready to check Leprechauns into the cottage. If you manage to catch a Leprechaun kids can also bring the cottage to school to show their classmates that a Leprechaun is living in the cottage! Have fun with your kids creating your Leprechauns personality and have fun sharing stories of him and his adventures!