So with a tight budget recently, I have decided to make a personal card for my dad for Father’s Day. Since he loves to golf, I found a really cute card on Pinterest that I thought would be great to try on I wasn’t happy with the final outcome but the best thing about my dad is he loves absolutely everything I do for him. Can’t help it that I’m a daddy’s girl (:

DIY Father's Day Golfer Card - Creations by Lt/PInspiration by Chels

Materials Needed:

(all items were purchased from a department store called Fred Meyer here in Oregon, but similar supplies can be found in other arts and crafts stores.)

  • Scrapbook paper $3

  • Golf tee’s $2.99

  • Hot Glue Gun

  • Pen

All in all, this card was pretty simple to make. I always try using different materials than suggested in order to spice it up with a bit of creativity here and there--it adds my own unique touch. Add yours!

The first thing you’re going to do is trace your hand, I had the good ole boyfriend help me trace mine because I like including him on all my little projects. (; But you can definitely do the tracing on your own, I believe in your tracing talent!

DIY Father's Day Golfer Card - Creations by Lt/PInspiration by Chels
DIY Father's Day Golfer Card - Creations by Lt/PInspiration by Chels

I traced three but only ended up using two hands. Depending on the size of your card, use as many hands as you need or want. Maybe include your pet’s pawprints!  Mine was a little small for my liking, I would suggest making it pretty big. THE BIGGER, THE PRETTIER. Make sure to accentuate it. Here’s a decorative tip: glue around your outline and sprinkle glitter or use stickers to decorate the hands with hobbies or objects your father enjoys! Additionally, like I said before, using different materials makes it more creative, so try using various types of paper like card stock paper or even fabric like felt! You know your father better than anyone, use materials that can be related to him, shiny paper for a shiny personality, humorous stickers for a funny attitude! You get the gist  :)


I then had the plain white golf tee and thought I would add a little color to it, so I painted it red. Plus, it wouldn’t be a project by me if there wasn’t a smudge here and there. It’s a perfect reminder that you don’t need it to be perfect to be beautiful! Afterwards, I hot glued the golf tee to the card. For the golf ball I used white pipe cleaners and rolled them into the best ball I could. I would suggest getting foam, it looks much more realistic; the 3D effect really does look the best!


The good thing about my not so good golf card? My dad always misses me being a kid and would love that time back. Ta-da!! Best father's day present ever, the 22 year old daughter turning 5 years old again and making a card for her dad. (: Happy Fathers Day to all the great dads out there!