Personally I love getting my hands dirty and carving out pumpkin guts. There is something about the smell of the raw pumpkin and the smiley, squishy insides that make me feel all nostalgic inside. But I am a realistic at the same time and I know even though our attempts are well applauded about 3/4 of the way through we are all asking for our 3rd or 4th refill of my spiked cider and just wash our hands and put a candle in that damn jackolacktern and call it a success. Yet, there's still those who think that carving a pumpkin all together is far too much work and for those we have this new chic trend popping up all over. Skip the messy, manicure ruining carving and just decorate the outside. This examples I have seen popping up everywhere lately have me wanting to create more beautiful pumpkins than I possibly have time for. Here are a few example that inspired me and I hope they will inspire you too!  

chesire cat pumpkin.jpg
Modpoge Leaves Pumpkin - No Carve Pumpkin Ideas from Parties by Lt
Simplistic & Chic Painted Pumpkins - Parties by Lt