Meet our blogging team! 

By me, Lt!

A fun party girl turned into a stylish party planner!

Meet Lt, the creator of Parties by Lt. I am fun-loving and believe in celebrating all aspects of life. Above all other skills, creativity was my most valued attribute because over time I found it allowed me to use it for whatever I came across in my life. If it was problematic, I thought of a creative solution never accepting no without giving it a good try first. Then I started to realized I had a good eye for things, like negative space, which helps me  in nearly all forms of art like, fashion, beauty, drawing, crafting, decorating, cooking food, music, the list goes on and on. I go through phases where I get more excited and focused on one specific talent for example I start to get really into fashion right before a music festival, especially when I am feeling burnt out from crafting all day. With so many passions it's hard to choose just one but at the end of the day food is the real love of my life and always has been ever since I can remember. To read more about my cooking style feel free to check out my new upcoming series “Confessions of a Food Nerd.” In this series you can explore my original cooking recipes where I take my favorite flavors and combine them in the best of ways, learning different techniques in the process.  Juxtaposed with my creativity I was also organized and strategic which is ultimately how I found the planner in me. With a background in team leading and management I decided over a year ago that events was undoubtedly the career path for me. Since then I have been focusing on building an online presence, expanding my portfolio with both old and new events, in addition to try to keep up with my growing party boutique over at Etsy! On top of it all I try my best to share all my ideas with the world but unfortunately they don't hit the screen and fast as they pour into my journal. My blog is a place where I not only want to showcase all my talents and passions but likewise share great tips and advice both practical and inspirational. I instantly knew when I first created Parties by LT that I wanted it to be so much more than an event planning company or small retail store but a lifestyle brand so I decided to combine the two into what we call “A Celebration Lifestyle” brand.

Where are you from? Born in San Jose, CA and grew up around Gilroy, CA - the garlic capital! So almost every year as a kid I went to the Garlic Festival. My love of food and festivals started at a very young age. 

Guilty Pleasure? Binge pinning, champagne, and reality T.V. 

Favorite crafting tool/supply? My Cricut paper cutting machine and wine corks.

Favorite holiday to celebrate? All Fall holidays starting with my birthday though Thanksgiving but most of all, Halloween!

I am not just a blogger but also a...? Business and Etsy shop owner, 

On the weekends in my free time you could find me? In wine country, at a concert or music festival, trying a new restaurant around the Bay, or at a Farmers market.   

Meet Jill, she has always loved being creative and truly enjoys crafting and DIY projects. About a year ago, she got really interested in the wedding industry and party planning. This led her to creating crafts for events and parties. Some of her favorite things to make are pinwheels, banners, cake toppers, candy bars, mini gardens, weddings, and more. She just finished the planning her very own wedding so stay tuned for her detailed post  for all her personal touches she marries the man of her dreams. Her hope for the blog is to inspire your own creativity and spark your passion for events! 

Where are you from? Spokane, Washington

Guilty Pleasure? Lifetime movies

Favorite crafting tool/supply? I love stamps and cute paper

Favorite holiday to celebrate? Halloween

I am not just a blogger but also a...? An event coordinator!

On the weekends in my free time you could find me? Outside hiking, hanging out at a beach or park. I love the outdoors!

Pinspiration by Chels 

Meet Chels, the little sister of Lt. When it comes to the two of us, you get the best of both worlds and then some. My sister being the creative party planner, I had trouble procuring my own calling during my childhood and adolescence. I didn't necessarily have a talent that I felt too confident about. Struggling to attain any form of creativity, I would conceive things that didn't manifest itself into reality the way it existed in my mind. Once I got my own place, I become more self-assured in my ability to throw parties, decorate, and even concoct some interesting recipes. With so many opportunities and options at my feet I needed a place to kickstart my creative juices and get them flowing at even more rapid rate. In order to do that, what better place is there than Pinterest? This started a long list of fails to learn from and finished projects that made me really inspired. Now I happily spend my days bringing what I pin online to the real world and my blog is a place where I am going to share with you all my Pinterest fails, successes, and tips! 

Where are you from? I'm originally from Prunedale, CA! A small town just south of Monterey.

Guilty Pleasure? Has to be having my Starbucks every day before work, terrible I know. 

Favorite crafting tool/supply? Between paint and glitter because they always bring dull things back to life. 

Favorite holiday to celebrate? Ever since I can remember it's been my birthday but celebrating every holiday is important to me. 

I am not just a blogger but also a...? An animal lover and a licensed dog groomer. 

On the weekends in my free time you could find me? Hiking with my dog, Molly, adding to my smash book, or trying new things with friends like karaoke!